My name is Szilard Gaspar and I am a sculpture and performance artist.


From an early age I am practicing professional sport (box) as well as art (first sculpture and later, performance); these two disciplines are continuously growing and evolving side by side in my life today. On a both practical and conceptual level, in my artworks, I always try to express and give artistically shape to the energies that I experience in my life as a sportsman.


The artistic result in my artworks comes from accumulated personal experiences and many years of experiments with different art materials, with my body and my mind. Combining art with sport and the specific elements of these two different life styles, shaped my passion for art, which is the most distinct and strong part of my personality. Now, I can express myself more freely since I found my original way of making artworks and performing.

Trough my performance art shows, I transform energy into mater; no matter what kind of media I work with, in my creation process, I always imagine an opponent who I fight with. During the last year I took part in more than 8 shows and performances and, all of these new experiences lead me to understand new things and develop my ideas further.

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